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We are always getting requests from men looking for other guys to fuck their wives. Below is a message we have received from John in Bolton. If you think you can fulfil their needs then why not make contact, arrange a date and share his wife. Along with John there are hundreds more guys here in the same position looking for men to shag their hot wives in front of them…

I have this fantasy which I’m pretty sure many of you guys can relate to you see im a submissive husband and my wife well she’s hot and dominant one night she brought one of my mates home and fucked him right in front of me, I knew she fancied him and wanted to fuck him I didn’t know what to think, I thought oh my god she’s just fucked another man instead of being pissed off and kicking them out of the house I was pretty aroused but I didn’t let on. Ever since then my wife has been dropping hints she wants it to happen again so here I am looking for men to meet my wife and fuck her. I have no problem what so ever men fucking my hot wife she’s hot and It would be wrong not to share her with you wouldn’t it? What she wants to happen is this.. We meet in our local pub, she’s not going to be wearing any knickers just a short skirt, she wants to be fingered and when she’s soaking wet we will all go back home and well you can guess the rest.

We are both desperate to make this happen hence why we are looking at we would ideally like to meet men aged between 20 – 30, handsome, non smokers and more importantly well endowed. The bigger the better for my wife. Look us up check out our profile and if your interested then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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